Exciting new products on yogabox - yoga props

Many people (myself included for some time) find the various yoga props and bits and pieces a bit overwhelming, or simply just hard to understand in terms of what to use them for. But never fear, while the word 'props' can make one think a bit 'Fifty-Shades-of-Greyish' - these are all pretty straightforward!

I thought it might be good to explain the couple we have introduced into our range - these will go into future boxes, and are also available to order separately.

Yoga Blocks - These can be really useful for both the beginner and the experienced yogi. They are used to help you when flexibility is not quite there yet, and even as a support to deepen some inversions, or recovery poses. Our blocks are handmade from wood, and we have solid (heavier) ones, as well as hollow (lighter ones). There's a choice of finish, and we're even going to include a message / quote on them as part of the design!

Eye pillows - These are becoming popular during the final savasana (relaxation corpse pose) of a yoga session. They offer instant relaxation by applying a little pressure on the third eye point, they block out any light that may be disturbing you - and ours are scented with lavender oil. What's not to love!

Mat bag - Pretty self-explanatory maybe, but until you've had one unravel itself in a lift full of people after confidently tucking it under your arm, you'll never realise how handy they are! We now offer gorgeous ombre dyed canvas bags, which are a must-have! You can even tell us what colour you want.

Towels - Why do you need this when you already have a mat? That's what I wondered when I started doing yoga. And then I went to heated yoga, and I did yoga on the beach, and on the lawn... The towel not only keeps your mat clean from your own dirty paw-prints, but it will help absorb the perspiration, and also provides extra traction. We have a great range to choose from.

Yoga mats - While it is OK to manage without one, doing Yoga on a hard, or slippery surface is just plain torture. I find my mat also represents the space (my space) where I can shut off from the 'noise' of daily life for a bit. We have hunted long and hard and now have a great mat to offer you - made from Eco-Rubber. Happy days!

Want any of these items? Please drop me a line - cathyron@netactive.co.za and I'll help you out.